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  Nanotechnology, also known as nanotechnology, is a technology that studies the properties and applications of materials with structure sizes ranging from 1 nanometer to 100 nanometers. After the invention of the scanning tunneling microscope in 1981, a molecular world with a length of 1 to 100 nanometers was born. Its ultimate goal is to construct products with specific functions directly from atoms or molecules. Therefore, nanotechnology is actually a technology that uses single atoms and molecules to make substances.

  Back in 2008, BEHR officially applied nanotechnology to coatings. In continuous scientific research, nanotechnology has played an increasingly important role in the application of Baise's products. Not only that, nanotechnology has also played an important role in the entire coatings industry.

  Outsiders can watch the excitement, and insiders watch the doorways. Many owners do not know what nanotechnology is and what role it plays, and they think it is a gimmick for consumers. Today, Xiao Fu came to give you the importance of nanotechnology in home improvement coatings.


  Technology-oriented home paint

  Xiaofu certainly has to talk about the application of nanotechnology in our common home decoration coatings. Before talking about this application, Xiao Fu must first tell you about the application principle of nanotechnology. Only by understanding the principle can we better understand the meaning behind technology.

  What is the principle of nanotechnology? In simple terms, the use of superior raw materials and the use of world-leading nanotechnology in the Nano products of the Big Bear family make the product have a unique interlocking molecular structure. The gaps left by ordinary large particles are filled with tiny nanoparticles to form High-density paint film, which exhibits a tougher brushing effect and effectively prevents moisture from penetrating.

  In the current coatings industry, many brands place nanotechnology in their products. After years of development of nano products, their advantages have been recognized by the industry. Adding nano-materials to the coating can greatly improve its traditional properties such as adhesion, impact resistance, flexibility, and aging resistance and corrosion resistance.

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  Experience upgrade behind technology upgrade

  For nano coatings and ordinary coatings, what are their advantages and disadvantages? This is something many owners haven't been clear about yet. After talking about the application of nanotechnology, Big Bear said that it has advantages over ordinary coatings.

  As the nano-coating is produced by a series of nano-materials such as nano-scale monomer slurry and nano-emulsion, nano-color paste, nano-bactericide, and nano-multifunctional additive, compared with the existing raw materials used in latex paint, there is no super-fine And uniqueness, the comprehensive performance and quality of its products are much better than similar products, and the cost is lower than traditional products. Its main features are:

  1.Xiaofu talked about the application of nanotechnology. Its unique molecular structure makes a strong claw-like infiltration between the wall and the coating film, so that the coating film will not fall off, not skin, and has high hardness and resistance. Washability.

  2.Using the physical property principle and double sparse mechanism of the nano-materials' super double interface, the coating film has respiration, which can effectively prevent the invasion of moisture and also effectively invade the invasion of dust and oil pollution, so that the wall has a good self-cleaning. Features.

  3.Using nano-material activation technology to make the coating form an antibacterial coating can damage cell membranes such as E. coli and grape aureus, thereby effectively killing or inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria.

  4. Strong adhesion to construction materials such as mortar, concrete, stone, asbestos board, wood, metal, etc.

  With the continuous development of science and technology, nano coatings not only play an important role in the field of home improvement coatings, but also have very important applications in electromagnetic shielding, military stealth absorbing and so on. For home improvement coatings, more environmentally friendly and high-quality effects will be an important trend in nanotechnology applications in the future, and nanomaterials manufactured by Fulanshi Nanotechnology, which is committed to becoming the international nanomaterials field, have high purity and purity. High, low cost, many types, production efficiency is improved dozens of times compared with domestic and foreign counterparts, the production process has no environmental pollution, and the utilization rate of resources can reach more than 95%.

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