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Nano Disinfection Antibacterial Film Acting on Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

Edit: Ccdanni 2020-03-31

  Based on in-depth research on the properties of membrane materials, Fulangshi Nanotechnology has independently developed a nano-sterilized antibacterial membrane with antibacterial performance, which has won praises from customers.


  This is based on the traditional protective film, adding nano-silver prepared by itself, combining nano-silver with traditional protective film, so that the product has special anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, and at the same time has a broad-spectrum and durable anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial , Deodorization, anti-mildew and other functions (bacteriostatic rate of microorganisms such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and more than 99%, and the effect is not affected by light and water). The product has long-lasting antibacterial and antibacterial effects, and has no side effects on the human environment.

  The nano-sterilization antibacterial film produced by Fulangshi Nano Technology can not only be used for quarantine protection during hospital isolation, epidemic or epidemic diseases; it can also be used for home and personal protection, raincoats, gloves; winter northern doors and windows plastic film, from To purify indoor air.

  Fulangshi Nanotechnology is not only committed to green technology, but also a win-win development road for pursuing high-quality development of enterprises and fulfilling social public responsibility. Recently, Fulanshi Nanotechnology produced nano-sterilized antibacterial membranes for Wuhan Fangcai Hospital use.